Favorite Dishes August-September
Squid Salad at La Moule

Favorite Things I Ate Last Week: Late Summer Edition

1. Cacao Fruit Sorbet at Cloudforest. A magical fruit flavor… with a secretly-chocolatey backbone.

2. Grilled Zucchini & Prawns al Ajillo at Ox. I spooned and drank the garlic butter with white wine and herbs. A more modest approach would be to mop up with their excellent sesame baguette.

3. Caprese Milanese at Davenport. Fried light and crisp, the pork is topped with perfectly ripe cherry tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella.

4. Fried Squid Salad at La Moule. A garden of green tomatoes, olives, cucumber, and dill adds brightness to this refreshing plate.

5. Peach Sodabomb at República. Every dessert (and every dish, for that matter) is impressive and well-balanced… but technique and amazing produce really shine here.

6. Cheeseburger with Heirloom Tomato at Jojo. Dear Portlandia, “Put a Burger on It” is the food-writer equivalent of “Put a Bird on It.”

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Tasia Bernie is an essayist, and editor of FeederPDX.com.  She enjoys used bookstores, offal, and hard laughter.  She is a very good eater.  She lives with her daughter and two orange cats in Portland, Oregon.


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